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Laura Medina is a Registered Nurse and Nurse to the Soul. She has over 15 years of nursing
experience and is considered a specialist in Energy Medicine. Her holistic approach to helping
clients heal is through working with the human energy field. She uses her hands in a
heart-centered and intentional way to help restore balance and harmony within the energy field,
which helps accelerate the self-healing process.

Her philosophy of living and being is grounded in heart-centered consciousness. She believes
the bridge between science and spirituality is in the heart. The heart is the most powerful organ
in the body. Its electrical field is 60 x greater than what the brain generates. To be
heart-centered is to perceive through the lens of love.

 Lauravive was created as healing space for clients to receive energy therapy as a way to heal on a soul level. Laura is committed to your healing and personal transformation. ​The unique essence of Laura, Is one of pure love. This allows her to make the connection with higher frequency dimensional beings that are assisting humanity at this time of awakening and healing. With the higher frequency that she brings in you can expect a paradigm shift, deep soul healing, and miracles. 

Laura also works as an operating room nurse, where she offers a peaceful, loving, healing presence to her patients, doctors, and surgical team before, during and after surgery.

Laura’s intention is always for the highest good of all. Offering love, peace and support to you on your healing journey. She is fulfilling her souls intention of helping to heal the planet. Spreading love as a way to bring peace and harmony to every living thing so that we are in unity.

May you always remember that you are never alone, you are loved, you are blessed, and you are beautiful. 



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4024 Ibis Street, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92103
Firefly Wellness


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