Trauma Release

focuses on the energetic and theoretical understanding of the physical, emotional, and mental responses to trauma. application includes a  gentle, energetically-oriented trauma interview in order to facilitate discovering the root of trauma and assist with its energetic release.


a deeper understanding of the energetic issues underlying PTSD and uncovering trans-generational trauma that is held in the body and energy field and how to heal it. transmuting the burdens of pain & trauma into the higher frequencies of freedom and joy through quantum alchemy.

Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders - cancer, diabetes, allergies, lupus, arthritis, and thyroiditis. Energetic techniques to help support these conditions from the lens of the soul. 

Extra-dimensional Healing

Working with different energetic grids such as the incarnation grid or soul grid to help with connection and anchoring to the earth.  Healing, strengthening and integrating all of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies.

Vivaxis and Hara Healing

Helping to come into full alignment

Soul Healing/Energetic Clearing

Transmuting old patterns and releasing blocks to embrace and align with soul purpose.  Past lives, karmic, and soul fragments.


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