Rainbow Waterfall


We are all multi-dimensional beings meaning, we are more than just our physical body. Because of this, when working with my clients we focus on all aspects of being human including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pieces of our inner and outer world.

As a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience and multiple certifications in spiritual and holistic health modalities under my belt, I take a holistic approach to guiding my clients through their healing journey. 

With a specialty in Energy Therapies, I guide and support my clients by working specifically with the human energy field. I help clients reclaim their true essence by breaking down the barriers keeping them stuck (old stories, attachments, beliefs). Together, we tap into what’s no longer serving them to release the stagnant energy through light bodywork. This is done with a gentle touch on the physical body, as well as working with the aura surrounding the body - a powerful combination that helps to restore balance and harmony and accelerate the self-healing process on a deep, multi-dimensional level.

I love you SOUL much, exactly as you are.



Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes we all can all get a little stuck.  That’s where my services come in.   
As an experienced energy practitioner, I work with your energy field to help restore your templates. 
Working with different energetic grids such as your incarnation grid or soul grid can help deepen your connection and anchoring to the earth. Soul Healing/Energetic Clearing helps to 
Transmute old patterns and releasing blocks to embrace and align with soul purpose. Healing Past lives, karmic, and soul fragments allow you to re-connect to the divine blueprint and live your best life.


90-120 minute session - $145.00
We will take the time to do a full intake before diving into the clearing portion of your session. This helps me to access where there may be blocks before you get on the table. Through gentle touch and working directly with your energy field (aura), I will begin to clear any blockages, so you leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, rested, joyful, and balanced. This powerful practice supports healing on a deep, multi-dimensional level.


75 minute session- $125.00
We address anything that came up for you in the previous session and continue to unravel any limiting beliefs, old stories, unsupportive patterns so you can continue the deep healing to support the rise of the highest version of you possible. You will receive personalized ‘love notes’ to guide you through practices you can do at home to keep the momentum going.


 60 minute reading- $95.00

The Akashic Records act as the universal hard drive, storing and recording all the historical events, thoughts, emotions, and intentions from the past, present, or future. A complete history of every soul since the dawn of Creation. Akashic Records never tell us what to do. The information that comes through provide an opportunity to shift our awareness and create a change that allows us to evolve

spiritually and grow personally.

Its like doing  google search to learn the history of your soul. You type in your full legal name and hit enter. Different results come up for you to click on to assess the information.  An Akashic Records reading works kind of the same way!

Together we can explore the messages of your soul.  


60 minutes- $75.00




Tuning into your heart space to express a donation based session. From my heart to your heart to the heart of the divine.


Three High-Frequency Sessions. 
Initial Intake Included with 2 more sessions. Recommended three weeks apart.


Five High Frequency Sessions.  Initial Intake included with 4 energy sessions. 


Monthly Sessions for continued energetic support & integration.
(5 month minimum)