Not the ones speaking the same language, but ones sharing the same feeling understand each other. ~ Rumi.

At my core, I have always been a seeker, a soul explorer. From an early age, my parents introduced me to the idea of God, higher intelligence, divine, a higher power - all of this through traditional catholic teachings. At the age of 19, I allowed myself the freedom to explore non-traditional ways of connecting with my higher source. I found that the most authentic expression I had to connect with Spirit was through communicating openly (and out loud) from my heart. This open communication felt more personal and real to me, rather than reciting something I’d memorized using other people's words. Fast-forward to age 25 when I had a quarter-life crisis. I was dealing with heartbreak and faced with the reality of moving back to the States from Switzerland after being there for half a year. I felt lost and broken. It was then that I sat down and had a heart to heart with the Universe. I asked, "What am I here to do?”... “How can I serve you?”. I was tired of forcing life to happen for me, and I was ready to surrender to something larger than myself, something meaningful and with purpose. I noticed that the more I listened and the more I acted on the nudges without questioning them, life began unfolding in ways I had only dreamed of. When I look at my life now, I see it in phases, all of which I am so grateful for.

Phase 1: I became a Certified Nursing Assistant. I learned how fragile we are as humans by caring for others who were vulnerable and sick. Maintaining the integrity of the spirit, honoring each person’s journey, and practicing deep love became the foundation for my nursing practice. There were residents that we're unable to bathe themselves, which I would assist. That act alone was humbling, and it reminded me of the story of Christ washing the feet of the lepers. It became so clear to me that I, too, was here to serve humanity in that way. I felt my heart opening in gratitude for the gift and honor to represent the families of light in this capacity.

Phase 2: I became a Licensed Vocational Nurse. I learned the power of the individual healing process and focused on helping others get well. The medicine of love, connection, and the power of touch all made a difference in the healing response, and it resonated so deeply with me as a culmination of things we need, even more than we want them. To be able to care for every person with the same importance as if they were my family became my life’s work, and my calling - this I was certain of. This experience further dissolved the idea that one person was better than the other, and although I believed that to be true, I really did see all humans as the same - all deserving of the same level of love and compassion.

Phase 3: I became a Registered Nurse. It was after I had completed the intense ten-month Operating Room training program from hell that I realized something profound: nothing is what it seems. I found myself silencing my truth, too afraid to use my voice to speak up about the bullying and misconduct that was taking place in the Operating Room. My spirit felt crushed, and I was struggling with anxiety, unworthiness, migraines, on top of having panic attacks. I saw now how important it was to care for myself if I truly wanted to help others.

Phase 4: I became a Nurse for my own Soul. This was the time to care for me and do some soul searching. I had a transformative experience with an energy healer in Arizona, who inspired me to learn more about hands-on-healing. Healing Touch, which is a form of energy medicine, was the first energy therapy modality I studied. Through the course of the Healing Touch program, I was able to heal my migraines, my panic attacks, and learn tools to manage my anxiety. I was able to overcome feelings of unworthiness and cultivate more self-love, from a deep soul level. I was living proof of the miracles of energy therapy, and I knew I had to share this whole-body medicine with others.

Phase 5: I became a Nurse for the Soul of others. I made the decision to incorporate all the wisdom and knowledge I had gained from the different energy modalities and integrate it into my daily practice. I had always been sensitive to energy, but over the years I had really been able to harness my power to connect with the Divine and use it as a tool for transformation. I believe in the power of Universal energy as medicine, whether through prayer, touch, invocations, or intentions.

​Phase 6: I became a nurse for the soul of the cosmos. As I healed the distortions of separation, the veil became thin once again for me to remember my true identity. I reclaimed my own power, connected to my inner source and became my own universe. Working with higher frequencies I awakened to my starseed identity and have unlocked my true potential.

As a divine human being, I am a pillar of love and light - we all are! And that essence is not limited to a church or confined to 4-walls. The force of God (Spirit, Divine, Universe, etc.) is everywhere, in everything, and everyone. What I know to be true is that love is not something we earn, it’s what we are. We came here as love, and we will leave this earth the same way. We are not limited to time or space, and even when we take our last breath on this Earth, the spirit of love will live on in our memories, our children, and so forth. I feel grateful to have found my true identity and even more honored that the path I travel is based on love, sovereignty and service. This is the real work I am here to do - the Soul work!