My Training

Along with earning my RN status, I have invested in obtaining the following certifications as well:

Healing Touch Practitioner

Healing Touch Practitioner - I have completed levels 1-5 of the rigorous training through the healing touch program in about 2 years which includes the 1-year mentorship and personal development requirements. As a holistic nurse I was drawn to the healing touch program because it was heart-centered, evidence-based accredited by the Holistic NursesAssociation followed a Professional Scope of Practice and Code Of Ethics. Healing Touch is the only energy medicine modality that has National Accreditations through the American Nursing Credentialing Center, and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies and is endorsed by the Holistic Nurses Association.

Applied Sacred Geometry Techniques

Healing Touch Advanced Practice I. 

comprehensive energy balancing and facilitation of the healing process. muscular-skeletal healing, as well as balancing masculine-feminine aspects of the personality. neurological issues, such as spinal injury, whiplash, scoliosis, nerve damage, over-stimulated nervous system, and healing from spinal surgery.

Applied Trauma release

Healing Touch Advanced Practice II

Focuses on the energetic and theoretical understanding of the physical, emotional, and mental responses to trauma. the application includes a  gentle, energetically-oriented trauma interview in order to facilitate discovering the root of trauma and assist with its energetic release. 

Reveling in your divine essence: 
Existing in higher frequencies

Awakening Healing Axis

4 day enhanced healing workshop & spiritual retreat.

Intuitive Development and experiential work with the latest research in Energy Medicine.

Quantum Alchemy: 
Fusion Higher Frequencies

Awakening Healing Axis

 4-day enhanced healing workshop &  spiritual retreat. 

Trans-generational Trauma and healing through the quantum dimension. 

Quantum Healing in this time 
Of Covid -19

High-frequency techniques to support multi-dimensional healing of Covid-19 on a personal and global level.


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