Finding your Path

Are you curious to understand lessons that may have eluded you in your past causing you to repeat the cycle of / break the cycle of dysfunctional habits?

Heal past traumas and clear blockages that have kept you from moving forward.

Wanting to let go of deep-seated resentments.

Do you want to discover your true self and live your life's purpose.

Derive meaning from the mysteries of life

Attain personal growth or self-exploration.

Clear the blockages from past traumas that have prevented you from reaching your true potential.

Gain insight as to the root cause of what's behind your lack of fulfillment.

Discover the unconscious ways u sabotage yourself.

Lets Connect

To schedule a FREE 15-minute no-obligation call with me, to answer any questions you may have, share my approach and feel if there is a resonance. Please email me at

A donation-based session is available for those wishing to tune into their heart space for the energy exchange.

Comprehensive Energetic Assessment + Energy Session

90 minutes - $125

In this session we will take the time to do a full intake before diving into the clearing portion of your session. This helps me to access where there may be blocks before you get on the table. Through gentle touch and working directly with your energy field (aura), I will begin to clear any blockages so you leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, rested, joyful, and balanced. This powerful practice supports healing on a deep, multi-dimensional level.

Follow Up Session

75-minutes - $100

In this session we will work through anything that came up for you in the previous session and continue to unravel any limiting beliefs, old stories, unsupportive patterns so you can continue the deep healing to support the rise of the highest version of you possible. You will receive personalized ‘love notes’ to guide you through practices you can do at home to keep the momentum going.

Akashic Records Reading

60 minute - $125

The Akashic Records act as the universal hard drive, storing and recording all the historical events, thoughts, emotions, and intentions from the past, present, or future. A complete history of every soul since the dawn of Creation. Akashic Records never tell us what to do. The information that comes through provide an opportunity to shift our awareness and create a change that allows us to evolve spiritually and grow personally.

It's akin to doing a Google search to learn the history of your soul. You type in your full legal name and hit enter. Different results come up for you to click on to assess the information. An Akashic Records reading works in much the same way but gaining a perspective through the lens of your soul.