I was having a chaotic day; my head was in all directions. Quarantine life is getting the best of me after being shut out for a month. I was resistant and analytical.  Laura managed to give me the healing gift with love and grace. I was feeling translucent... as If I went into some profound imagery. Hard to explain but felt good and whole. 


Varese, Italy 

I received a remote Energy Healing session today from Laura. I have been wobbling in and out of a high-stress situation with my business mandated closed. Total loss of income for myself and staff. I know I needed self-care but have been too distracted. It took me a few minutes to relax when I first laid down but was quickly transported to a state of peace, calm and tranquility. My mind rested, my body relaxed and my soul soothed.  I will sleep soundly tonight. Thank you for getting me back to a place of normalcy. I feel balanced with a sense of safety and serenity.


Shakopee, MN

My experience at Lauravive was transforming and I highly recommend her. Her practice provides a safe place to slow down and receive the beauty of healing energy so we can anchor ourselves and receive the energy we individually need. She taught me about healing from the inside out, integrating energy, frequencies, and vibrations. Life started to look different in good ways, mainly to live freely and authentically in a way that nourishes the soul. Thank you, Laura, for all your healing help.


Carlsbad, CA.

I have been going to Laura for about 2 years now. The progress has been gradual but never underestimate baby steps, as they still move you forward. Those baby steps one day turn into giant leaps. Waking up this morning I feel different. I feel alive. I feel aware. Living in fog or on autopilot is no way to live life. If you are looking to reach your most authentic self then consider energy work. Keep taking the steps to gain YOUR inner peace.


Santee, CA.

Laura was my first intro into healing touch. I have always wanted to try it and Laura was explained in a way I could easily understand. She is a patient teacher who is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She is constantly learning new things constantly and staying updated as a practitioner. After a session with Laura, I always feel more centered and peaceful than I did coming

In. She is a great listener and always makes me feel very welcomed.  She helps me not only as a healer, but it is almost like she is my very own therapist or life coach because she gives great advice and insight. I would highly recommend Laura for her expertise, kindness, and passion for what she does.  She definitely has a gift and I have been fortunate enough to experience it.


San Diego, Ca.

Laura and I have been best friends for over 30 years and I can honestly say that since we were younger she has always had a healing presence. She's the kind of person who would drop what she is doing to help another one in need. She has helped me heal in many ways and to this day still does. I love her dearly and would recommend her hands down for healing energy! Everyone needs this in their life!


San Diego, CA.

I have been seeing Laura for energy therapy for a few months now.  I was experiencing anxiety, stress and poor sleep quality.  I decided to try energy work as I had already tried talk therapy and didn’t feel it was helping to completely solve the issues.  Since I started energy work I’ve felt more balance and control. Laura has helped me to recognize certain triggers and blockages and we’ve developed plans for working through the issues.  The energy work is very relaxing and I always feel great afterward. 


San Diego, CA.

With a calming voice in a room filled with love and support, I sat across  Laura discussing my concerns and challenges, and with grace and confidence, she started our session. Being my first time as a healing touch recipient all my feelings of anxiousness were quickly quieted. These feelings were replaced with a sense of warmth and compassion and confirmed each time her hands touched down. As the session wrapped up I felt soulfully lighter, as if a weight had been lifted from my person. Laura patiently explained the negative energy she sensed and how she was able to realign and recenter me. With all the confidence I recommend Laura for her gift to heal your mind body and soul.


Corona, CA. 

I feel relaxed! I've never felt this relaxed before, even after a massage. I could feel the bed under me like I was floating. I could feel the electricity. I feel energized. I felt like I was walking a path that wasn't meant for me after my session today I feel like I am on the right path. 


Chula Vista, CA.

I was the last person in the world who thought something like this would work. 

I can now see that this is beneficial and it has improved my life. 


San Diego. CA

Laura, I cannot thank you enough, I feel so amazing! I am connected within my inner soul. Thank you again for being such a wonderful practitioner!


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